Lifevac Training

Although LifeVac is simple and easy to use, every version of LifeVac comes with a step-by-step detailed instruction booklet and a BLS leaflet or poster. We do offer four different types of training to suit your requirements.

Training Videos For In House Training & Refresher Training

We provide free downloadable training videos and free video links on the use of LifeVac. As LifeVac is very simple to use

The following demonstration is conducted strictly for educational purposes only. Keith Johnson, MD is Board Certified in both Paediatrics and Internal Medicine and is trained on the current ACLS Protocol. This type of demonstration on another individual should not be duplicated in a non-emergency setting under any circumstances, for any reason. LifeVac recommends certified training in BLS Protocol.

Disclaimer: LifeVac is a non-powered single-patient portable suction apparatus.

Lifevacza Cgi Model

Lifevac Cpd Certified E-Learning Course Coming Soon. Course Will Cover The Below.

  • Choking prevention
  • How to identify different types of choking
  • What can cause a choking emergency
  • Case studies
  • Device overview
  • How and when to use LifeVac in a choking emergency
  • Videos on the use of LifeVac
  • Competency Test

After you successfully completed the above, you will receive a certificate.

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