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Choking Events Can Happen Anywhere, Most Of Them Happen In Home Or Resturant Enviroments.

In the event of a choking incident choking is not on your side. In 0-4 minutes of an obstruction blocking of air, brain damage is possible.  In 4-6 minutes brain damage is likely and in 6-10 minutes brain damage is probable.  In 10 minutes there is probably brain death. The average Ambulance emergency response time is 7 to 12 minutes and longer in rural areas.

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In a choking situation, the essential thing is to calm down and act quickly and precisely to help expel the foreign body. That can be, neither more nor less, the difference between life and death.

We encourage all parents and care givers to attend resuscitation courses to equip themselves with knowledge on how to attend to an incident. We are also extremely passionate about ensuring they have the right equipment to assist them if the standard protocols do not work. Having a LifeVac quickly available could assist in saving a life.

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LifeVac comes in three different variations, Standard Kit, Wall mounted Kit and LifeVac EMS Kit. Different Mask Sizes are available to purchase separately as well.

Lifevacza Standard Lifevac kit
Standard Lifevac Kit Includes:

Toddler, Small Adult/Child, Large Adult Masks

Lifevacza Wall Mounted kit
Wall Mounted Kit Includes:

Toddler, Small Adult/Child, Medium Adult, Large Adult Masks

Lifevacza Standard Lifevac kit
Ems Kit Includes:

Toddler, Small Adult/Child, Medium Adult, Large Adult and Extra Large Adult Masks