How it works

LifeVac Is Simple, Effective, Non-Invasive And Most Importantly Safe To Use.

LifeVac is designed with a patented one way valve system, this means when applied no air can be forced through the interchangeable sized mask’s when depressed.

Easy As
Lifevac Pull
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LifeVac Is Easy To Use, Even On Yourself.

Lifevacza How It Works
Step 1

Choose the appropriate mask size and discard the coloured plastic ring. Insert the mask into the unit by rotating it while exerting pressure. Be sure to check that the mask is securely attached to the unit.

Lifevacza Step 2
Step 2

Place the mask over the victim’s nose and mouth, with the mouth open and the chin up. You should firmly hold the mask with your hand over your nose and mouth. Make sure you have a good seal on the face before proceeding.

Lifevacza Step 3
Step 3

While holding the mask in place with one hand, push the handle down with the other hand to compress the unit.

Lifevacza Step 4
Step 4

Once the handle has been pushed all the way down, pull the handle up quickly, while holding the mask firmly in place.

Lifevacza Step 5
Step 5

Turn the head to the side or roll the victim onto their side and remove any debris from the mouth. (Also check the unit for debris).

If The Device Fails To Relieve The Obstruction And The Victim Is Unconscious And Not Breathing Normally, Commence CPR And Emergency services.

Sizing And Fitting Of The LifeVac Mask

The LifeVac kits comes with various sized masks to match the most common range of patients i.e. child (x2), small adult (x1) and large adult (x1). [Picture 1]. An extra-large mask is also available. The additional small adult mask is included for practice using the device prior to emergency use.

It is important that the mask is fitted to the face with the mouth in the open position when using the LifeVac. To ensure proper sizing the mask should be test fitted to the patient prior to operation of the device.

Note: Although the illustrations show the coloured plastic rings, these should be removed prior to the actual use of the device.

1Firstly, approximate the mask size visually. 2Slide the nose (narrow) section of the mask seal around the bridge of the nose.
3Rotate the mask against the face, ensuring the lower seal sits between the chin and lower lip [Picture 3] of the patient (with the mouth open). If the mask does not properly match these two landmarks an alternate mask should be selected.. 4Once the correctly sized mask has been selected, and it is firmly attached to the LifeVac plunger unit, the mask should be held firmly to the patient’s face using one hand (the index finger and thumb around the centre port of the mask . [Picture 4].

Picture 1 – LifeVac range of masks

Over mouth

Picture 2 – Fitting the mask over the nose

Over Nose

Picture 3 – Fit mask over the face

Over Nose

Picture 4 – Holding the mask against the face during use

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